Empower Our Sisters is…

A movement of women who support and empower one another. We do this in four ways: through our online support group, local events, products, and promoting our sisters who have helped us along the way.

Our online support group is a way for women to seek and offer support to one another. Our local events focus on emotional and physical wellness through yoga and dance, where women are encouraged to be raw and share. Our products are shirts, jewelry, journals, and other items featuring positive messages designed to empower the woman wearing it, and everyone she sees while wearing it.¬†And finally, we promote our sisters and their businesses because without them, none of this would exist. When founder Rebecca Natalie Fien opened up about her idea and launched Empower Our Sisters, it grew because of the women and businesses who believed in Rebecca and her mission, and empowered her to keep going with it. Empower Our Sisters truly is it’s name. We are women who empower our sisters.

When women support & empower each other, incredible things happen.

Women in our closed Facebook group

Our online support group is a closed (private) Facebook group intended to be an open discussion for women to seek and offer support to one another. It is a judgement-free zone, where women are invited to open up about issues they may not feel comfortable sharing elsewhere.
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