Empower Our Sisters was so successful as a closed group, that we wanted to bring the feeling of support, love and sisterhood, to a physical group setting. Part of the amazing thing about this movement, is that during it’s first year, it took on a life of it’s own as different women brought their talents, expertise, imagination, passion, and love to the table. Of course it would come full circle for founder Rebecca Natalie Fien, when her best friend from college, her soul sister, Stephanie Leigh Betzwieser, brought her expertise as a yoga instructor and health and wellness leader and offered to help run these local events.

Our events aim to teach us, as women, to embrace and love ourselves for who we are in a positive, embracing and supportive environment. We share doubts and fears, and hopes and dreams, encourage mantras and mindfulness. We channel our inner strength through our discussions as well as through our physical movement. We always include gifts in our practices, and emphasize love and acceptance at all of our events.

Empower Our Sisters events are all run by Stephanie Leigh Betzwieser, and Rebecca Natalie Fien. However, during our 8-week workshop this past summer at Nu Movement, we had the pleasure of partnering with a few other incredible women to run events. We have a huge amount of love and gratitude towards Spiritual Leadership Coach, Kathryn Lorraine, Masala Bhangra instructors Amy Mangieri and Melanie Jones, and the incredible dance and yoga instructors, Cyndi Pieramico, Anne Skivington-Simes, and Geri Anne Wilcox of one of our sister organizations, Women Expressing Themselves.

Upcoming Events

Empower Our Sisters turns 1 in December, and we are planning a dance party to celebrate! Check back for updates!